Polishing with Flower Power

Flower Nail Art Designs

Are you looking forward to the start of summer? Are you also looking for some great flower ideas for your nails? I am going to help you out with a few ideas for great nail art with flowers.

  • Flower colors
  • Flower Tools
  • Flower Decals
  • Flower Stamping
  • Flower Designs

Flower Colors

We all love beautiful flowers, but a lot of us only use certain colors. Don’t be afraid to use colors that are not the normal colors of flowers. Yes some flowers are dyed specific colors, but there are black and even sometimes green flowers out there, they are just not seen very often. Get creative and go outside the normal.





Here are some of my favorite flower colors to work with.

This is a 24 piece nail art set that has every color you will need to design fabulous flower nails. They have a thin brush so you can create different patterns like feather strokes for your flowers and much more. Comes with matte colors like yellow, orange, pink, black, white, red, dark grey, sky blue, forest green, brick and lavender. Pearl colors including purple, navy, fuchsia and lime green. Neon colors including yellow, purple, pink and green. You can even layer glitter over your designs with glitter colors including green, blue, pink, silver and gold.

Flower Tools

A few tools you could use for making flowers are simple. I use a toothpick a lot of the time. You might want to consider using some more professional tools as follows:

These tools really do help when you have a lot of detail that you want to put in your image.

Flower Decals

Some of the art tool sets above have decals or stickers in them, but I am going to give you some more choices that are just flowers.

When you love flowers and you don’t have the time to get artistic with it, these are great and there are a lot to choose from. If you have a little more time you can do stamping flower patterns.

Flower Stamping

These are just as easy and sometimes turn out a little more professional. For more information on Stamper Kits click here.

After you do the stamp on your nail you can add detail with your fine tipped brushes. When you do a stamp it is one color so this allows you to add more color and diversity to your image.

Flower Nail Designs

This is where the artist in you does the work.

  • You can just put different flowers on each fingernail like I have here:

With this combination I have used decals, a stamper and free hand painted one of them. Can you tell me which one is painted and which one is a decal?

  • Or you can do something where there is more than just flowers on your nails. Adding a solid color nail or design on one or two nails.

I had so much fun painting flowers on my nails and I hope I helped you with your flower nails project too. Make sure to leave me a message and let me know what you came up with and tell me which nail you thought was a decal…

As always here is to beautiful nails and Blessed Be.


Pastels: Are they Still Popular


We all love to paint with our pastel polish because, well they are beautiful no matter what you do with them. Really who cares if they are still trending or popular. They work with almost any outfit and for me they just make me happy.





Pastel Polish Trends

This design is easy to do. Start with a nourishing base coat. Then apply a coat of your favorite white so that your polish will pop. Grab your three best pastels and a cotton swab. Gently dip your cotton swab into your first color, just enough for the tip to be coated. Dab your nail with it as many times as you like, keeping in mind you need to leave room for the other two colors. Repeat with each color and on each fingernail.

If you want to do the striped fingernail, that is easy too. Use the same colors that you have on the other nails. Get a fine tipped brush and paint your lines in any direction that you like. Make sure you clean your brush in between colors. Once it is all dry you can finish with your top coat.

Nail Polish Trends

What is trending right now? The plain or simple look. For instance the glossed but french tipped look. You could also go natural with nothing but a top coat. Maybe you want just a simple one color polished nail. You can still splash with color by putting a different color on each nail. Simple yet colorful and bright.

Extra Bling

Then there is the over exagerated or embellished look. For a fancy night on the town or just to impress at work or otherwise. You can glam it up and add a bunch of bling. Gems, decals and shiny or chrome colors are great for this look.


Of course the Ombre is still a popular look. It’s not just for hair anymore. You too can have ombre nails. Work any two or three colors into an ombre to upgrade any outfit.

This look does take some practice as you can see from my photo. If you start practicing with just two colors it won’t take you long to master.

Try to choose two colors that are similar but very different shades. After you have put on your base coat and your white to make your colors stand out and have waited your proper drying time. Get a make up blending sponge and paint a stripe of each color next to each other on the sponge. Then dab, slightly up and down each time, to create the blending effect. Wait for your nails to be dry and apply your top coat.

To Finish

I hope this has helped you realize that pastels never go out of style. Wear them often and with pride.

Be sure to leave me a message and let me know about your favorite designs and colors. Soon I will be showing you some summer trends. See you soon and as always here is to beautiful nails. Blessed Be. Kari


Gel Nails, Are You at Risk for Cancer?


We all know that cigarettes cause cancer, but what about gel nails? Gel nails have been getting increasingly popular as of lately. We all like when our new polish design lasts longer and looks great. Gel nails tend to chip less as well.

Photo by Wei Ding on Unsplash

This trend is popular, but it is a longer process because of the time you have to spend drying them or curing them under a lamp. Removing them is also a tedious process. You must soak them in acetone for a bit in order to get the gel off your nails. This will leave your nails brittle and dry. Not very healthy for your nails at all.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash


Are gel nails a good idea or are we just asking for melanoma?

Acral lentiginous melanoma is what this specific cancer is called. I don’t know how you feel, but I don’t want any kind of cancer.

Doctors are not sure if UV lamps that are used to cure gel nails are cancer causing. Some say that the UV rays from a gel curing lamp is not strong enough to cause cancer, but it is not recommended for those that are sensitive to UV light or have a strong history of cancer in their family.

A UV lamp used to cure gel nails is not as strong as a tanning bed lamp. You would have to change your gel nails about 3 to 4 times a week to have any risk, so chances are you are safe.

What to Look for:

You are going to want to inspect your nails on a regular basis if you love gel nails and get them frequently.

A streak or black line running down your nail. Have it checked by a dermatologist, especially if you have any swelling around that nail.

If you really like gel nails and don’t want to give them up just to be a little more on the safe side, I suggest you follow some simple rules.

  • Wear sunscreen on your hands. Even if the only time you apply it is before you get your nails done.
  • Wear gloves with the finger tips removed. You can ask your nail tech if they have any for you to use.
  • Ask your nail tech to use an LED lamp instead of a UV lamp.


Is the UV lamp you use to get your gel nails to blame for causing cancer? The answer is unclear. One thing is for sure though, you can protect yourself.

Maybe if you have history of cancer in your family, just stay away from gel nails or use an LED lamp instead.

Signs you have healthy nails are as follows:

  • Cuticles are existent (so don’t cut them!)
  • Nail plates are a pinkish-white color
  • Prominent half-moon shaped white section (called the lunula) at nail base
  • Nails and white tips are kept clean and smooth

I hope this keeps you aware and healthy. Here is to beautiful nails.

Blessed Be. Kari

Marble Nail Art

Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial

I love this design. It is very easy and you can be creative. Any color you use will turn out great, as long as you use colors that you like when they are together.

What you need to get started:


Start with painting your nails white. You don’t have to but I feel that it brings out the designs that you put on your nails. Get a small container that will fit the size of your finger. You are going to be dipping your fingers into it so your checking the width of the opening. I recommend the shot glass size red solo cup.

Fill it about 3/4 full of room temperature water. Not hot because then the polish will spread thin and you might burn your fingers. Not cold because the polish will dry to fast and be very difficult to work with.

Choose the colors that you will be working with. Make sure that they are not too thick. This will cause the polish to form a ball and just sink to the bottom of your container. With this process you do have to work fairly quickly so you might want to have all of your color bottles open and ready for you.

Also, you will want to apply some simply peel around your nails and down your fingers for easier cleanup. You can use tape from your first knuckle and further up your finger, this will save your simply peel for the important things.


Put one drop of your first color into the water. Wait a few seconds for the color to spread. You can tap the top of your container to get the color to spread faster, but be careful. Put a drop of your second color into the center of your first color. Repeat this process until you have enough color rings to work your design. My recommendation is about 3 or 4 rounds of each color.

Take your toothpick and starting a ring or two in(this keeps you from destroying it because the polish will start to dry from the outside in) begin to drag it across the rings of color. You will want to practice this a few times until you get a desired look. I like going straight from the top to the bottom with a thin space between each one. Don’t forget to clean off the toothpick in between each line. It will get sticky and once again you will destroy your design.

Making Them Pretty

You are ready to put your water marble nail art design on your fingernails now.

Place your finger directly onto the polish and keep it in the water. Use your toothpick to clear away any of the remaining polish on top of the water. Then you can pull your polished nail out of the water. Repeat this entire process with each finger.



If you end up with some air bubbles on your nails, that is okay. You can cover those up with some dots, gems or decals. Finish it off with your favorite top coat.







Congrats your done!

If you need a visual you can find a few on youtube. Don’t forget to let me know how they turned out. Here is to beautiful nails. Blessed Be


Cruelty Free Nail Polish

In this day and age we need to find things that are less harmful to us and the world around us. With this in mind I have put together a small list of polishes that you might want to try out. They are in no particular order.

Bontime Non-toxic

Bontime nail polish is a non-toxic polish that is easily applied and lasts about 4 days, longer if you use a different top coat. It is water based so you do not need nail polish remover to take off this polish. Soak in warm water and it is easily removed unless you did use a different top coat. Low odor formula and organic. No animal testing.

IBN Non-toxic

Naturally made with no animal ingredients. This means they don’t kill beetles or crustaceans to get the colors we all look for. Mineral based for a longer lasting and durable formula. Such as Hematite stone with a natural healing power. It also is a low odor polish.

Cote Toxin Free

This one is made in the US and is vegan. Free of most of the toxins associated with nail polish. No animal testing. Does not stain your nails. It will however, take a little longer to dry.

Adesse New York Organic

Made with natural and organic ingredients. Also made in the US. Fast drying and chip resistant. Vegan formula and paraben free. A gel nail polish that enables air to circulate between the nail and the polish. This will allow the nails to breath, grow and strengthen. You can remove this polish by peeling it off, so no need for acetone soaking. No UV or LED lamp required for drying. Also not tested on animals.

Karma Organic

Safe for those with allergies and sensitive skin. Low odor formula. More than 100 colors are available with mood changing colors too.  Never tested on animals. 100% recyclable packaging, making it great for the planet as well. Comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

786 Cosmetics

Halal – meaning free of prohibited alcohol, animal products, and animal testing. Formulated without 11 of the toxic chemicals used to make most nail polish. Fast drying and breathable. This allows water-permeability, making sure that water and oxygen can reach the nail surface. Also reducing the yellowing that usually happens with traditional nail polish.

Cirque Colors

Vegan and no animal testing. Many colors available including color changing polishes. This one will require additional coats as the colors are not very vibrant. Formula made without some of the toxic chemicals that are normally found in most nail polish.

Deborah Lippman

Contains aucoumea klaineana extract, a natural resin from west african trees, this strengthens and prevents ridge formation. Contains biotin and green tea extract. No animal testing. Causes streaks if you have ridges in your nails. May require more than one coat for great color.


Vegan formula. No animal testing. Dries fast with incredible staying power. Great holographic colors. Can be used as your color or a top coat.

PS All Natural

A variety of colors are available. Vegan and not animal tested. Non toxic formula with grapefruit seed extract for healing powers. This one is best used for thin nails, white spots on nails, cracked nails, peeling nails, brittle nails or as an anti-fungal solution.

In Conclusion

There you have it, many for you to choose from. I personally like Adesse, ILNP and PS. They seem to be the best quality for the price. Feel free to leave me a message letting me know which one you have chosen. As always, here is to beautiful nails and Blessed Be.


Nail Trends for Spring

Spring Ideas

A lot of these trending ideas are gel polishes so you will have to have an LED or UV light for them to be done properly. Honestly it is just so they dry in the right way and faster.

  1. Neon and Pastel
  2. Flowers and Outdoors
  3. Metallic and Holographic polishes
  4. Glitters, Fancy Gems and Decals
  5. Color Changing Polishes
  • Lets start with Neon’s and Pastel’s

Everyone loves a great brightly colored fingernail. When doing neon’s you should start with a base coat of white. This will really make the color pop. Pastel’s seem to be a bit more vibrant if you start with a base coat of white as well. Click here for some great Neon choices. OR For some great Pastel choices click here.

Flowers and Outdoors

If you are artistic this will be no problem for you to achieve. There are many different designs that will give you beautiful flowers on your nails. The outdoors look can be done with specific seasonal colors or just putting birds and leaves on your nails will do the trick. I am not an artist so I cheat and use decals. Lol.

Metallic or Holographic

The metallic look is fun for a night out or if you just want to be flashy. The picture to the right is an example of a metallic tip instead of a classic french tip. The holographic look can be used as a top coat or just as beautiful all by itself. Very popular for adding a little pop to your color.

Glitter, Fancy Gems and Decals

We all like to have fun with glitter, but I don’t think anyone likes to take the time to get it off. Glitter removal is not difficult it just takes a little more time. Funfetti is a great look for the one that wants to have a beautiful glitter shine. Fancy Gems and Decals are great to add to any design that you have done with your nails. It will give you a little extra shine.

Color Changing Polishes

Color changing polishes are so much fun because you can feel like you have a new set of freshly painted nails just because the temperature has changed. This one is a big trend this season so here are a few for you to try.

I really like the Secret mood and the metallic colors.

We have to finish with Easter egg nails because it is only a short time away and they are fun and easy to do. Start with an egg white base color of course. Then use your favorite colors to paint an Easter egg on your nail. It does not matter if they do not turn out perfect because then it just looks like your kids colored the eggs for you. Wait for them to dry. Apply your top coat. Happy Easter and as always here is to beautiful nails.

Blessed Be Kari

Nail Art Designs

Things You Can Use at Home

I am going to be giving you a few easy nail art ideas that you can do with some things you already have at home. Most of these diy nail art designs are pretty simple but, some of them will take a little bit of practice to get a really beautiful nail.

Here are some of the things that you might want to gather up before you start any of these diy nail art ideas.

  • Floss Pick
  • Toothpicks
  • Cotton Balls
  • Round Stickers
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Plastic Bag/Tweezers
  • Sharpies/Alcohol

You are going to need your favorite colors of polish as well. Include a sky blue and a bright yellow. Some choices of color for the future are at the link at the top right.

Criss Cross Pattern

Start with your base coat. You can use a light blue, white or clear. I like to use white because it makes the image stand out. Then you are going to want to put two coats of your bright yellow on your nails. Let each one dry completely before starting the second coat.

Use your floss pick or any straight edge that is comfortable for you and create diagonal lines across your nail from top to bottom. About three. Then make three more lines the opposite diagonal direction. Are you starting to see what the image is going to be? Now put a few leaves of green at the base or tip of your nail, depending on which direction you want it to stand. When all is dry add your top coat. Nice pineapple!


This one is easy and great for those of you that are like me and are not very artistic. Start with a base coat of sky blue. Wait for them to be completely dry. Grab a cotton ball and some white polish. Dip the cotton ball into the white polish and dab it onto your nails. Again wait for them to dry. Apply your top coat. Done. Easy right?

Half Moon

With this one you can start with a base color or just a clear coat, depending on the look you want. Take a round sicker and place it at the base of your nail to create a half moon on your nail. Polish your nail with whatever color you desire. Pull off the sticker and you have your half moon. You can add gems or decals if you like. Get creative.


This will give you a smash of color on your nails. Start with your base coat, clear is best for this. Put some drops of color on your nail. You can use more than two colors if you like. Work fast because we don’t want the polish to dry before we are done.

Take some plastic wrap and press down on your nail. Don’t move the plastic wrap around or you will end up with what looks like a painters palette. Carefully pull off the plastic wrap and wait for them to dry. Add your top coat and your done. You can add decals or gems to this one too.

Your Own Decals

Get your plastic bag. Paint your own little pictures and let them dry. Apply a top coat and again let them dry. With your tweezers, be careful and pull up your images. Now you have your very own decals.


Begin with a base coat of white polish. You might want to apply some Simply Peel because this will get a bit messy. Let them dry completely. Put drops of color around your nail. Another one where you must work fast so it doesn’t dry before you are done. Swirl with your toothpick and dry again. Apply your top coat. Beautiful! I like to do the swirl on a plastic bag (like the make your own decals) because it is a little less messy.

Water Colors

You can start this one with any color base you like, but I have found that water colors look best on a white base. Grab your favorite color sharpies and put a few dots or stripes on your nails. Take a small brush and dip it in alcohol. Brush down your nail to create the water color look.

Make sure you brush with enough alcohol or you will end up with a picture of spotted white like that first finger. Wait for your nails to dry and apply your top coat. Be careful which top coat you use with this design because some will make the colors run more and you will end up with a swirl of faded color. Yeah that second finger from the right.

Easy DIY Nail Art

Hopefully you have enjoyed trying out these easy designs and you will now be able to get beautiful nails in no time at all. Click here for some other artistic tools. As always here is to beautiful nails and Blessed Be





Manicure Tricks

Hello everyone. Some of these tricks are going to be common sense for a lot of you but, I wanted to give you all a quick list that may help you out.

  • Toothpaste
  • French Tip
  • Scotch Tape
  • Drinking Straw
  • Crayons
  • Corn Starch
  • Glitter Removal
  • Nail Polish Removal
  • Old Eye Shadow
  • Circle Stickers
  • Sponge
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • White Base


Using toothpaste on your nails will remove the stains. Apply toothpste directly onto your nails and brush them. You can use a nail brush or an old tooth brush. They come clean just like brushing your teeth.

French Tip

Most of us understand how hard it is to get a straight line when doing a French Tip. You can put scotch or masking tape across your fingernail after your color coat has dried. I prefer masking tape because it is easier to see when you are going to remove it. Paint your tip and remove the tape. Wait for your tips to dry then apply your top coat. Use a small brush with polish remover to clean up.

Scotch Tape

Another good use for scotch tape is to create your own stripe with it. Secure a piece of tape by attaching it to a bottle of nail polish at both ends and lay the bottles down. This will give you a little bridge to work with. Paint the tape with your desired color of polish. Then you can cut your colored tape and place it onto your nail. Of course, top coat and your done.

Drinking Straw

Apply your base color to your nails. After your nails dry, dip a drinking straw into your prefered color and blow through the straw over your nail. You can do this with as many colors as you like. Dry your nails in between colors. This is one that you might want to use some Simply Peel. It will be messy.


This little trick is for those of us that do not have a tool to pick up gems with. Crayons will work great for picking up those little gems that you want to attach to your nails. It is the wax in them that makes them a good grabber. They are the perfect size as well.

Corn Starch

After you have polished your nails and you would like a flat finish instead of a shiny one, dip your completely dry nails into some corn starch. Brush off any residual powder with a soft brush. Very simple but, make sure your nails are dry or you will have a nasty mess that will make you start over.

Glitter Removal

I don’t know how many of you like to use glitter, it’s fun but I hate trying to get it off my nails. This trick is great for getting that glitter gone. Get a cooton ball and dip it in some polish remover. It doesn’t have to be dripping, just enough to know it will get the job done. Place it on your glittered fingernail and wrap it with tinfoil for 1 or 2 minutes. Slide it off your fingers holding the cottonball firmly against your nail as you pull it away. No more glitter. I love this trick and now I can glitter again.

Nail Polish Removal

OOPS, I ran out. This one is for when you run out of remover and you still have a job to finish. Grab some lemon juice and vinegar. Equal parts of each will do the trick.

Old Eye Shadow

Take that old eye shadow that you still have hanging around and put it to good use. Crumble the eye shadow into a bottle of clear polish. Shake it vigorously and there you have it, a new color of polish.

Circle Stickers

These are perfect for displaying the actual color of the polish that is in the bottle. Take some simple circle stickers, like from the value store and paint them with the colors of your polishes. Place each sticker on the bottom of the corresponding bottle of polish. Now you can see what the color will look like on your nail. Make sure the sticker is a plain colored sticker or it may change the appearance of the polish.


This is the only way that I can make an ombre look decent. Take a facial blending sponge and put your color directly onto the sponge. You must work quickly or you are just painting the sponge, lol. In a striping fasion put 2 or 3 colors right next to each other. Then place them onto your dry base colored nail, wiggling it up and down a bit to get that blended look. Wait for nails to dry then apply your top coat.

Cuticle Pusher

I do not have a cuticle pusher. Just use your thumb nail to push your cuticles back. This gives you more control and your thumb nail is the perfect shape to do this with.

White Base

A white base is great for your neon colors. The white base gives the neon a platform that makes it stand out and eliminates that extra coat for a better color. Simple but definitely brightens it up.


I use a lot of these tricks myself and I hope they can help you out with your beautiful nails too. Let me know of any tricks you like to use and how these have worked for you in the messages below. As always here is to beautiful nails and Blessed Be.



Newspaper nails


A new trend is out there and I’m not sure exactly what they are calling it so I am going to call it Newspaper Nails. I thought it was cute so I gave it a try. I am going to tell you how to get this look, step by step. First let me give you a list of everything you are going to need for this little project. I say project because trial and error is a big part of it, at least until you find all the finer tuned components that you like working with the best.

  • Newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Alcohol (isopropyl)
  • Tweezers
  • Cotton balls and swabs
  • Small dish (at least 1 inch reservoir)
  • White nail polish
  • Towel (maybe)
  • Acetone

Now That We Have What We Need, Lets Get started.

We always begin by putting lotion our hands and cleaning up our nails. We want to make sure that we have a perfect canvas to work with. The first thing you are going to do is paint all of your nails white. Use your favorite white polish, mine is China Glaze. Here are a few more to choose from.


The reason I put acetone on the list is that you will probably want to try out more than one white. They all work differently when you are dealing with alcohol. Some are to thick and others will not make the print pop. Of course, let your nails dry completely after each coat. About 10 minutes.

While you are waiting for your nails to dry you can get your scissors and cut out your pieces of newspaper. Make your pieces wide enough to overlap on both sides of your nail just slightly. The length depends on how long your nails are. Go a little longer with your newspaper.

Keep in mind that there are different sized prints on your paper as well. Another trial and error situation here. Different sizes can give you a different effect. You will want to choose the size that you like for your nails. As you will see, I like to do bigger print on my thumbs and tiny print on my pinkies.

Now that we have our nice white nails and our papers are ready we are going to get our small dish with our alcohol ready too. You might want to put that towel down that I have mentioned in the list, this part gets a bit drippy.

Some tutorials say to soak your finger in the alcohol, but I soak the newspaper instead. I think it makes the ink come out of the paper more. Just a few seconds, you will see the paper change to a darker color. Take the paper out with your tweezers and place it on your nail, print side down.

Grab a cotton ball and put a good amount of pressure onto the newspaper that is on your nail. Be careful not to move the paper or your image will be blurry. You might want to use a cotton swab for better control over the edges.

Gently pull the paper off of your nail and the print will stick to it.

I tried to put a line of black polish on my cuticles hoping that it would make the print stand out more.

As you can see in this image, it was just too much.

I did not like it so I started over (trial and error again).

You will see in my final pictures that I have a couple with the black line and you can decide if you like it or not.

This would have been a good project to use some Simply Peel. Unfortunately I was out or I would have put it on the list.

When your nails have dried completely you can put on your favorite top coat. Watch carefully when you do this to make sure it doesn’t run. I have found that Sally Hansen Top Coat works the best for me.

Here are my finished pictures.

On one hand (the left picture below) I have several different ways shown for you.

  • Large print on my thumb makes it easier to see.
  • Tiny print on my middle finger shows you that you get more words on your nail.
  • The last two fingers are with two different top coats. You can see that they both blurred in different spots.

My first finger was an experiment. I cut my piece of paper extra small and glued it to my nail. Then put a top coat over it. I wanted to be able to read the words. I think I might have to perfect that one. Look for this in a future post.





On the other hand (the right picture above) you see all the same print except the thumb which was a larger print. I used the same white on every finger and the same top coat. The top coat that I thought would not make it blurry. To me it all looks blurred and I am obviously not happy with it.

Since I was not happy with it I decided to try and do that hand again. This was the result after a two-hour attempt.

Once again trial and error are presented.

This particular project is going to take a lot of time to perfect.

One thing that I have realized is that you have to know which products to use for this.

After practicing this about 7 times, I have made myself a list of the proper products that I like to use. Your list may be different from mine after you practice a bit.

  • China Glaze White (two coats)
  • Sally Hansen Top Coat
  • Cotton ball preferred over the swab
  • Bold print newspaper with lines close together

My Opinion

When all is painted and done, this is one project that you must have a lot of time to do. Especially if you are doing it for the first time. I feel that it looks nice when you can get it right. I also feel that I am going to be researching and making a way to do this where the words are readable. Keep your eyes open for that post soon.

Good luck with this project if you decide it is something you might want to try. If you do come back and leave me a message telling me what you think and how it turned out.

As always, here is to beautiful nails. Blessed Be Kari

Spring Colors

St. Patrick’s Day is coming

This is what I did to dress up my nails for the upcoming holiday. You can do this too, just click here for a step by step.

After I was done I felt the need to search out some amazing deals and colors for you. If I find more I will come back and add them for you. I hope you enjoy.

St. Patrick’s decals

Spring Deals

I just wanted to shoot a quick post out to give you the St. Patrick’s Day deals that I could find with all the spring colors.

Happy Holiday everyone. May luck find you all!