This is going to be a review of some of the available nail drills out there for you to take a look at. They are not going to be in any special order but I will tell you which one I prefer along with some advice on each one.

First, What is a nail drill?

A Nail drill is nail technicians’ best accessory. It is a manicuring device that is made with a motorized unit, a hand piece and some replaceable drill bits. Using a nail drill allows anyone to create a perfect manicure or pedicure comfortably and with less effort once the rotating bits are gently applied to the nails. Are you looking for the best nail drill for beginners or are you on the lookout for the best nail drill for nail technicians? This will hopefully help you find the best professional nail drill that will help you do what you need.

Lets see how a few of them might work for you.

Zeny 25000RPM Complete Electric Nail Drill

Product Description:

 This one has a forward and reverse operation switch with a light weight hand piece for a good comfortable grip. A purple cradle for holding the hand piece when you are in between your drilling. It also has a foot pedal for a convenient control of your switch. With 6 standard 3/32″ bits/filing heads and 5 sanding bands it is an easy bit change having to use no tools to do so. Simple to use on both hands and feet. Great for a professional salon or just for your personal use.

Package Includes:

Electric Nail Drill Machine
Hand piece
Foot Pedal
Bits with 5 sanding bands
DC Power Supply
Output DC Probe Cable
Free Gifts
You get 20 spare sanding bands, a 4-way nail art brush and finger separator -the color of the separator will vary-and about 600 nail art rhinestones. Fabulous extras!


  • Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 3.2 x 8.3 inches ; 3.2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • ASIN: B00OC4G6FS
  • UPC: 702458226918

About the Product:

Function – For professional use or home use on the grooming of your fingernails and toenails.

Speed – 0-25000 RPM for maximum strength and speed with low heat, low noise and low vibration. Also has ventilation in the hand piece to reducing the heat.

Use – For grinding, cutting, carving and polishing your fingernails or toenails and you can also use it for grooming your pets nails at home.

Two Modes Available – You can choose the hand mode or the foot pedal mode to start and stop your nail drilling. 

Convenience – Comes with an easy grip hand piece, 0.02mm coaxality max torque and a twist lock chuck system so you can replace the grinding heads easily.

My Opinion

This inexpensive nail drill is great for the beginner. It is built very solid yet compact and easy to handle. I love how it instantly shuts off when you release the foot pedal. There is no need to twist and lock the drill bits in because they simply push in and pull out.

Make sure you turn the red switch to off so you can use the foot pedal, there is nothing telling you to do this. When you change the direction of the wheels rotation you need to make sure that you have it all the way to the right or left because it will not run if it is left in the middle.

Overall it is the best nail drill machine with a few extras, but I would strictly use it for practice or give it as a gift for beginners.

Pure Enrichment PureNails 10-piece Pro Manicure and Pedicure System

Product Description:

Convenient carrying case made of a soft vinyl that travels easily and includes space for your electric nail drill, 7 nail drill attachments and an AC adapter. Use the bi-directional rotation control button to easily change the drill rotation from clockwise to counterclockwise.

The indicator light lets you know at-a-glance which direction you have selected.

  1. Green Light – Clockwise
  2. Red Light – Counterclockwise

Package Includes:

7 Interchangeable Attachments – perfect for smoothing corns and calluses, removing excess cuticles, and filing, shaping and buffing nails at home.
Coarse & Fine Sapphire Filing Disks
Sapphire & Felt Cones
Cylindrical & Flame Milling Cutters
Sapphire Callus Rasp

Each one is made with premium, sapphire-coated metal for maximum performance and durability.

Two Speed Settings: Deal with delicate areas like your natural nails on the low setting and groom acrylic nails or smooth those calluses on the high setting.

LED Grooming Light: Brighten your work area with the built-in LED light to achieve a precision manicure or pedicure to help you achieve the best results during your:

  • Filing
  • Shaping
  • Buffing
  • Polishing

Spiral Spring AC Adapter: You get a long-reaching AC adapter that powers the electric nail drill so there is no need to buy batteries.

Sapphire-Coated Drill Bits for Maximum Durability: The best bits to use with any drill.

Important Reminder — Nail bits are reusable up to a year depending on your care and usage.


  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds
  • ASIN: B014U53EY4
  • UPC: 853975005316

About the Product:

Function – For professional use or home use on the grooming of your fingernails and toenails.

Speed – 2 settings for easy use on hands or feet.

Use – For grinding, cutting, carving, shaping and polishing your nails.

Convenience – Great little case that holds everything, but a longer cord for this unit would be a great improvement.

My Opinion:

This is a handy little travel drill for me. Everything it comes with fits in the travel case and it is powerful enough to do toenails. You will need to give it at least 20 minutes to cool down before putting it away.

I think this one is best kept for doing toenails or just for travel and it really does need a longer cord.


Medicool 520 Professional Nail Filing System

Product Description:

The pro power 520 is capable of accomplishing a variety of manicure and pedicure tasks from the light details to the heavy duty. It is a compact and quiet power station with a lightweight hand piece.

Package Includes:

Power station
Built in cradle
Hand piece
2 bits
6 sanding bands
Full 1 year warranty
Educational DVD


  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 2 x 2 inches ; 1.75 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • ASIN: B005Q80W5E
  • UPC: 741655004059 036765600018 884834680559

About the Product:

Function – For professional use or home use on the grooming of your fingernails and toenails.

Speed – High torque 20,000 rpm with variable speed control.

Use – For grinding, cutting, carving, shaping and polishing your nails.

Convenience – Both forward and reverse with a twist locking chuck.

Important Reminder — Requires the use of an outlet for operation. This is not a battery powered device.

My Opinion:

It doesn’t look like much and doesn’t come with a bunch of extras but, I like this one a lot. It comes with an informational DVD that most do not include. The variable speed control is perfect for switching from doing acrylics and calluses to doing gels and basic clean up of your nails. A locking chuck system helps keep those bits in place and it is lightweight.

It does get a little warm if you are using it for a long extended period of time though. Try to give it a break in between uses if you can. Might be the best nail drill for home use.

A few important things to consider when choosing replacement bits for whichever drill you happen to use:

1. Size of the shank – The standard measurement for a nail drill shank size is 3/32″. Note that the shank size of most electric files that are used for crafts are usually 1/8″. This makes it so they won’t fit into an expert electric nail file. Do not try to use these in your nail drills, you could possibly damage your drill.

2. Grits – Not the kind you eat at breakfast. The coarseness of your nail drill is determined by the number of rough parts per square inch. The greater the number of parts on your nail drill, the smaller your bits will be. This is why you will see wider parts on coarser bits, but the number of grits will be lower.

3. High-quality bits – Consider buying top quality bits because they will do the job easier and much better. Also, you might want to consider replacing your bits every so often so that each time you use your nail drill you get a perfect finish.

Replace drill bits if:

  • You see signs of damage
  • Bits are less effective
  • You have used them for at least 1 year

A Few Tips

Make sure that you clean up any residue after each use. This will prevent build up, possible infection, help it last longer and keep it looking great.

Disinfecting is important. Washing may still leave some traces of microorganisms and residue on your tools, so it is always a good idea that you use a disinfectant to sanitize them after each use.

When choosing your best nail drill make sure you are taking into account how many people you are going to be using it for. Some nail drills are for the occasional use not the industrial use that some of us are needing.

For some, convenience is very important, so you are going to want to look for one that is portable or has a carrying case. For me however, I look for the best for my money.


I hope that this has helped you find what you are on the lookout for today. If not keep your eyes open for more reviews. Be sure to let me know if this was one of the best nail drill reviews for you and how the one that you use works best for you. Here is to beautiful nails and Blessed Be Kari.

Best Nail Drills

7 thoughts on “Best Nail Drills

  • July 9, 2019 at 2:50 PM

    Ah, so this is what my daughter has asked me to buy her, at first I thought she wanted to do a bit of DIY around the house until she told me to Google beauty nail drills lol

    As you can probably tell that I am no expert when it comes to manicures but my daughter wants to start learning beauty therapy and everything that goes with it so she wants a nail drill to take to collage with her

    I have no idea where to start so can you tell me which would be the best nail gun for someone first starting to use them please?

    Thanks from a confused Dad 🙂

    • July 9, 2019 at 3:44 PM

      Thanks on her behalf, a father looking for exactly what his girl wants. Fantastic, makes me miss my dad. Okay so, is she going to beauty college, maybe just wanting to become a nail technician or just wants to do her nails at college till she can afford to “get them done” ? The Zeny or the Medicool if she wants to go professional. The Pure Enrichment Pure Nails if she just wants to stay on top of her game at college. I will be doing another review on more nail drills this week if you prefer to look for something else. Always glad to help. Kari

  • July 9, 2019 at 2:56 PM

    Wow, they look so professional, and apt for heavy duty, like for me. My toes have not had a pedicure in ages … I think the second one would be good for me, to remove some calusses … :-s I really must take better care of my nails, but I always forget about it. With a tool like the ones you recommend it would definitely be easier for me to maintain them in good shape.

    You are obviously very knowledgeable about this topic. What would you recommend for someone who always forgets her pedicures? Nr 2 or 3? I’m a little unsure which one would be best for me.

    Great explanations, thank you for sharing 🙂

    • July 9, 2019 at 3:50 PM

      Happy to help Christine

      You are right, once you start doing your nails like it’s part of the bathing process it will become a routine and the Pure Enrichment Pure Nails would be the one you want. This will allow you to make short work of it without having to have a big machine in the bathroom. Be sure to let me know if you like it. Blessed Be Kari

  • July 9, 2019 at 3:05 PM

    What a great idea. I never thought of owning my own as I always go to the nail salon a lot to get my nails done a few times a month. Owning my own Nail Drill will save me lots of money and lost hours, driving to and from, as well as waiting in the shop queue.

    Looks like the pro power 520 drill set will be very effective for me considering it being so compact and light weight. I like the fact that it can be used for professional or home use. A very convenient choice indeed.

    Your tips on what to consider when making replacements are very useful and will help me in my purchase of a nail drill. My friend’s wedding is coming up and this would also be a great idea for a gift. Thank you, you have really helped me a lot.

    • July 9, 2019 at 3:31 PM

      Thank you

      You will love the money you save. Let me know how that Medicool 520 Professional works out for you. I love the feedback. Look forward to helping you out again. Blessed Be Kari

  • July 9, 2019 at 7:06 PM

    Hello Kari! Thank you very much for helping us do a well informed purchase! It’s really nice to find a site like yours where you honestly recommend top products.

    After reading these 3 options you present here, I think my best choice is the  Pure Enrichment PureNails 10-piece Pro Manicure and Pedicure System. I like that it’s lightweight.


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