Chrome nail polish is a fun way to do your nails. It can be glamorous too. In this article I will be showing you different ways you can enjoy chrome nail polish designs.

When you are doing chrome nails the easiest way is to just find a good chrome polish and paint them.


You can get Chrome, Iridescent, Holographic or Color changing Chrome.










Only a few to choose from with chrome and metallic.









Another cool idea with chrome or metallic colors is the raindrop or wet look. I haven’t done it yet but I thought I would tell you how since this is all about these kinds of colors.

Simple – Apply your polish like normal. Before you do your top coat, use a dotting tool and with the top coat put a few dots on each nail, then of coarse when it is dry apply your top coat completely. Looks like rain on your nails.

Sally Hansen

Now here we have many colors to choose from.

You can use a powder with regular polish. Here is how:

  • Base color black – 2 coats – you can use a different color but it will be more vibrant with black.
  • Water base top coat
  • Preferred color powder – extreme pressure when applying
  • Water base top coat again – make sure you have a complete seal around your polish

You will have a few problems if you are not careful because powders are made for gel nails so they don’t work the best with regular polish.

It is harder to get the mirror look so when I said extreme pressure when applying the powder, I really did mean extreme.

If you did not get a good complete seal around your polish with the top coat, you get out of the shower or get done doing the dishes and you are going to see a cracking effect throughout your nails. This is because the water has gotten under your polish and is lifting it off your nails.

Born Pretty

Here we have mostly full sets to choose from for gel nails. However there are a few regular chrome polishes and holographic nail ideas as well.

One of the most important is the no wipe top coat at the end.

Pretty Diva

Only available in Gels.

If you prefer gel nails then you are going to want to stick with Born Pretty or Pretty Diva, either way you are going to end up with PRETTY nails.

The best way is to use gels with powder. Let me tell you how that is done.

  • Base color – 2 coats – curing in between each one – you can use a different color but it will be more vibrant with black.
  • Smoothing – very important – use a fine file and buff the sticky top off of your gels.
  • Wipe off with alcohol
  • No wipe top coat – thin layer
  • Dip an eye shadow applicator into the powder and rub it on your nail
  • Brush away any excess with a make up brush
  • Top coat and cure again

It is possible to do many different designs with this process. You can fade from one color powder to another. Maybe do three different colors. You can even do them vertical rather than horizontal. Hey, try a flat color turned into a chrome. Interesting, right? Play with them and have fun. Click here for more ideas to use with your chrome polishes and powders.

I hope this has helped you create new ideas for your chrome nails. Be sure to leave me a message with your favorite style, idea or colors.  Keep on shining and as always here is to beautiful nails.

Blessed Be. Kari


Chrome, A Great Way to Shine

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