In this day and age we need to find things that are less harmful to us and the world around us. We all want less chemicals in the products we put on or in our bodies. I personally would also like to have nail polishes that are not tested on animals. Animal friendly nail polish can also be safe for your children to paint the dogs nails. With this in mind I have put together a small list of polishes that you might want to try out. They are in no particular order and some offer cruelty free gel nail polish too.

Bontime Non-toxic

Bontime nail polish is a non-toxic polish that is easily applied and lasts about 4 days, longer if you use a different top coat. It is water based so you do not need nail polish remover to take off this polish. Soak in warm water and it is easily removed unless you did use a different top coat. Low odor formula and organic. No animal testing.

IBN Non-toxic

Naturally made with no animal ingredients. This means they don’t kill beetles or crustaceans to get the colors we all look for. Mineral based for a longer lasting and durable formula. Such as Hematite stone with a natural healing power. It also is a low odor polish.

Cote Toxin Free

This one is made in the US and is vegan. Free of most of the toxins associated with nail polish. No animal testing. Does not stain your nails. It will however, take a little longer to dry.

Adesse New York Organic

Made with natural and organic ingredients. Also made in the US. Fast drying and chip resistant. Vegan formula and paraben free. A gel nail polish that enables air to circulate between the nail and the polish. This will allow the nails to breath, grow and strengthen. You can remove this polish by peeling it off, so no need for acetone soaking. No UV or LED lamp required for drying. Also not tested on animals.

Karma Organic

Safe for those with allergies and sensitive skin. Low odor formula. More than 100 colors are available with mood changing colors too.  Never tested on animals. 100% recyclable packaging, making it great for the planet as well. Comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

786 Cosmetics

Halal – meaning free of prohibited alcohol, animal products, and animal testing. Formulated without 11 of the toxic chemicals used to make most nail polish. Fast drying and breathable. This allows water-permeability, making sure that water and oxygen can reach the nail surface. Also reducing the yellowing that usually happens with traditional nail polish.

Cirque Colors

Vegan and no animal testing. Many colors available including color changing polishes. This one will require additional coats as the colors are not very vibrant. Formula made without some of the toxic chemicals that are normally found in most nail polish.

Deborah Lippman

Contains aucoumea klaineana extract, a natural resin from west african trees, this strengthens and prevents ridge formation. Contains biotin and green tea extract. No animal testing. Causes streaks if you have ridges in your nails. May require more than one coat for great color.


Vegan formula. No animal testing. Dries fast with incredible staying power. Great holographic colors. Can be used as your color or a top coat.

PS All Natural

A variety of colors are available. Vegan and not animal tested. Non toxic formula with grapefruit seed extract for healing powers. This one is best used for thin nails, white spots on nails, cracked nails, peeling nails, brittle nails or as an anti-fungal solution.

In Conclusion

There you have it, many cruelty-free nail polish for you to choose from. I personally like Adesse, ILNP and PS. They seem to be the best quality for the price. Feel free to leave me a message letting me know which one you have chosen. As always, here is to beautiful nails and Blessed Be.


Cruelty Free Nail Polish

4 thoughts on “Cruelty Free Nail Polish

  • April 10, 2019 at 11:33 AM

    This article is exceptionally rich in information, this is an exhaustive and helpful article indeed! I must commend you for taking your time to experience every action to revealing these secrets. The list of polishes you highted here are top notch and I can attest to the fact that they are highly durable because i have tried IBN non toxic and karma organic before now. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article

  • April 10, 2019 at 11:36 AM

    I love polishing my nails. I would rather have cruelty free nail polish. The nail polish you’ve listed here, I haven’t heard of them before.

    But I’m definitely checking them over now. I mean seriously why do animals even have to be tested. It seems like people don’t really value the life of an animal.

    Sad really. 

    Thank you for your review on these nail polishes I will definitely be purchasing some. 

  • April 10, 2019 at 11:36 AM

    I didn’t know that animal products were used in some cosmetics. It’s also a shame that so many companies are still testing their products on animals. After all these years, one would think that they would already have a good knowledge of what substances are safe for a human to have on their skin, nails, etc. It’s good that there are companies like the ones in this post. Hopefully, other cosmetic companies will eventually follow their lead.

  • April 10, 2019 at 2:07 PM

    Hi Kari,

    Wow! Great collections of nail polish without toxic, vegan, eco-friendly, water-based and many more types. Whenever I hear about the toxic and harmful chemical in beauty product I truly feel distracted from cosmetic. Among them, nail polish is something I frequently avoid to use. That is because of its smell and harmful chemicals. Thanks a lot for making a remarkable collection on harmless nail polishes.

    Best wishes,


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