Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Today I am going to be showing you a few great ideas that are easy to do yourself for this fantastic holiday. Lets see what designs we can come up with to display how much we like this holiday.

Here are a few of them. 

  • ghost
  • pumpkins
  • candy corn
  • skeletons
  • bats
  • black cats
  • eye balls
  • spiders/webs
  • witches
  • Ouija boards
  • movies–it–nightmare before Christmas–Freddy
  • Frankenstein/patchworks

You are definitely going to need these colors for most of these—- black, orange, white, red, green, yellow, purple.

Lets start with a few basic ones first…

Lets start with your basic ghost.

Get your best white and do two coats. We want it to be bright.

Tried to outline one of my ghosts in black to see if it would stand out better.

You can just paint in your ghost’s attributes or use googly eyes like this one.

Some people get crazy artistic but doing my own nails gets difficult with my non-writing hand.

You can also start with a black nail then add in your white ghost.

Then we have our pumpkins.

Start with your base coat of white.

Then 1 or 2 coats of your brightest orange.

1 should do it if you started with a coat of white first.

Then add in your pumpkin faces with your black polish.

Instead of painting in the face you can use shape cut decals if you like.


Okay, now comes the sweet addition of candy corn.

We are going to have three colors for your candy corn. Begin with a coat of basic white.

Then a coat of your best yellow.

Come down one third of your nail to apply your orange to the lower 2/3rds of your nail.

Then down 2/3rds of your nail to apply the white to your tip for the point of your candy corn.

I tried to magnify the appearance by adding some line tape but I would suggest not doing so because it takes away from the candy corn visual. 

Black cats, skeletons and bats.

I used a stamper here. (this can make an artist out of anyone)






You can definitely play with color when doing these but remember to keep the contrast strong.  If you would like to get your own stamper kit just click here to find out more. Dark base with a bright design or bright base and a dark design. Or you will end up with a cat that can’t be seen… like this one..


I had to adjust the lighting variations on my photo app for you to be able to see this cat.  And still you really can’t see it.




Here I decided to try a little water marble with Halloween colors.








I think the black and red would be great for an accent nail.  More ways to do water marbling here.


Spiders and webs

Here I am just going to show you the difference between black webs and white webs because I can’t paint a simple spider.


It is fairly simple you just start with white then do the web in black or start with black and then do your web in white.


Socks for your different ghouls.

Just a couple of different striped socks that you can use as an accent nail for the different designs you may be doing. Start with your base color of green or purple then stripe your orange across your nail.

Simple but if you have a hard time with the stripes you can use tape or a band-aid to cover the part you don’t want polish on and do your stripes that way.

Make sure your base color is dry before you apply the tape or bandage.


I absolutely love this holiday and I could go on and on with all of these nail designs but I am also very busy at this time of year. With that said I am not able to do all of these designs but you can see a lot more of them on my Halloween Nail Designs Pinterest page here.  I am hoping that you will enjoy Halloween as much as I do and you have gotten a lot of great ideas.

Make sure you leave me a message as to how you are enjoying this great haunting day and Blessed Be.


Halloween Nail Designs

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