Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial

I love this design. It is very easy and you can be creative. Any color you use will turn out great, as long as you use colors that you like when they are together.

What you need to get started:


Start with painting your nails white. You don’t have to but I feel that it brings out the designs that you put on your nails. Get a small container that will fit the size of your finger. You are going to be dipping your fingers into it so your checking the width of the opening. I recommend the shot glass size red solo cup.

Fill it about 3/4 full of room temperature water. Not hot because then the polish will spread thin and you might burn your fingers. Not cold because the polish will dry to fast and be very difficult to work with.

Choose the colors that you will be working with. Make sure that they are not too thick. This will cause the polish to form a ball and just sink to the bottom of your container. With this process you do have to work fairly quickly so you might want to have all of your color bottles open and ready for you.

Also, you will want to apply some simply peel around your nails and down your fingers for easier cleanup. You can use tape from your first knuckle and further up your finger, this will save your simply peel for the important things.


Put one drop of your first color into the water. Wait a few seconds for the color to spread. You can tap the top of your container to get the color to spread faster, but be careful. Put a drop of your second color into the center of your first color. Repeat this process until you have enough color rings to work your design. My recommendation is about 3 or 4 rounds of each color.

Take your toothpick and starting a ring or two in(this keeps you from destroying it because the polish will start to dry from the outside in) begin to drag it across the rings of color. You will want to practice this a few times until you get a desired look. I like going straight from the top to the bottom with a thin space between each one. Don’t forget to clean off the toothpick in between each line. It will get sticky and once again you will destroy your design.

Making Them Pretty

You are ready to put your water marble nail art design on your fingernails now.

Place your finger directly onto the polish and keep it in the water. Use your toothpick to clear away any of the remaining polish on top of the water. Then you can pull your polished nail out of the water. Repeat this entire process with each finger.



If you end up with some air bubbles on your nails, that is okay. You can cover those up with some dots, gems or decals. Finish it off with your favorite top coat.







Congrats your done!

If you need a visual you can find a few on youtube. Don’t forget to let me know how they turned out. Here is to beautiful nails. Blessed Be


Marble Nail Art

2 thoughts on “Marble Nail Art

  • May 3, 2019 at 2:21 PM

    Hey Kari,

    This is a unique article I must say. I love art so does my wife. She also loves her nails to paint with different nail polish. I think this water marble nail art is very creative and easy. Even the requirements for the process can be easily found. I love your proper tutorial about it. I loved your work and I am going to share this article with my wife and I know she will love it.

    • May 3, 2019 at 3:07 PM

      Thank you Mahin Al Banna

      I am glad you like this tutorial. It is an easy process if you prepare and follow the steps. You really can make anu design you want and you can use any color too. Hope your wife likes it too. Let me know if there is any other tutorial she would like some help with. Blessed Be


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