Spring Ideas

A lot of these trending ideas are gel polishes so you will have to have an LED or UV light for them to be done properly. Honestly it is just so they dry in the right way and faster.

  1. Neon and Pastel
  2. Flowers and Outdoors
  3. Metallic and Holographic polishes
  4. Glitters, Fancy Gems and Decals
  5. Color Changing Polishes
  • Lets start with Neon’s and Pastel’s

Everyone loves a great brightly colored fingernail. When doing neon’s you should start with a base coat of white. This will really make the color pop. Pastel’s seem to be a bit more vibrant if you start with a base coat of white as well. Click here for some great Neon choices. OR For some great Pastel choices click here.

Flowers and Outdoors

If you are artistic this will be no problem for you to achieve. There are many different designs that will give you beautiful flowers on your nails. The outdoors look can be done with specific seasonal colors or just putting birds and leaves on your nails will do the trick. I am not an artist so I cheat and use decals. Lol.

Metallic or Holographic

The metallic look is fun for a night out or if you just want to be flashy. The picture to the right is an example of a metallic tip instead of a classic french tip. The holographic look can be used as a top coat or just as beautiful all by itself. Very popular for adding a little pop to your color.

Glitter, Fancy Gems and Decals

We all like to have fun with glitter, but I don’t think anyone likes to take the time to get it off. Glitter removal is not difficult it just takes a little more time. Funfetti is a great look for the one that wants to have a beautiful glitter shine. Fancy Gems and Decals are great to add to any design that you have done with your nails. It will give you a little extra shine.

Color Changing Polishes

Color changing polishes are so much fun because you can feel like you have a new set of freshly painted nails just because the temperature has changed. This one is a big trend this season so here are a few for you to try.

I really like the Secret mood and the metallic colors.

We have to finish with Easter egg nails because it is only a short time away and they are fun and easy to do. Start with an egg white base color of course. Then use your favorite colors to paint an Easter egg on your nail. It does not matter if they do not turn out perfect because then it just looks like your kids colored the eggs for you. Wait for them to dry. Apply your top coat. Happy Easter and as always here is to beautiful nails.

Blessed Be Kari

Nail Trends for Spring

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