We all love to paint with our pastel polish because, well they are beautiful no matter what you do with them. Really who cares if they are still trending or popular. They work with almost any outfit and for me they just make me happy.





Pastel Polish Trends

This design is easy to do. Start with a nourishing base coat. Then apply a coat of your favorite white so that your polish will pop. Grab your three best pastels and a cotton swab. Gently dip your cotton swab into your first color, just enough for the tip to be coated. Dab your nail with it as many times as you like, keeping in mind you need to leave room for the other two colors. Repeat with each color and on each fingernail.

If you want to do the striped fingernail, that is easy too. Use the same colors that you have on the other nails. Get a fine tipped brush and paint your lines in any direction that you like. Make sure you clean your brush in between colors. Once it is all dry you can finish with your top coat.

Nail Polish Trends

What is trending right now? The plain or simple look. For instance the glossed but french tipped look. You could also go natural with nothing but a top coat. Maybe you want just a simple one color polished nail. You can still splash with color by putting a different color on each nail. Simple yet colorful and bright.

Extra Bling

Then there is the over exagerated or embellished look. For a fancy night on the town or just to impress at work or otherwise. You can glam it up and add a bunch of bling. Gems, decals and shiny or chrome colors are great for this look.


Of course the Ombre is still a popular look. It’s not just for hair anymore. You too can have ombre nails. Work any two or three colors into an ombre to upgrade any outfit.

This look does take some practice as you can see from my photo. If you start practicing with just two colors it won’t take you long to master.

Try to choose two colors that are similar but very different shades. After you have put on your base coat and your white to make your colors stand out and have waited your proper drying time. Get a make up blending sponge and paint a stripe of each color next to each other on the sponge. Then dab, slightly up and down each time, to create the blending effect. Wait for your nails to be dry and apply your top coat.

To Finish

I hope this has helped you realize that pastels never go out of style. Wear them often and with pride.

Be sure to leave me a message and let me know about your favorite designs and colors. Soon I will be showing you some summer trends. See you soon and as always here is to beautiful nails. Blessed Be. Kari


Pastels: Are they Still Popular

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